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Probekapitel: Organisation für Komplexität


Interview zum Buch: Organisation für Komplexität


Heroes of Leadership (BetaCodex14)


Organize for Complexity (Special Edition)


Organize for Complexity, part II (BetaCodex13)


Organize for Complexity, part I (BetaCodex12)


Org Physics - Explained (BetaCodex11)


Making Performance Work (BetaCodex10)


Turn Your Company Outside-In! (Special Edition)


Turn Your Company Outside-In! Part II (BetaCodex09)


Turn Your Company Outside-In! Part I (BetaCodex08)


Dynamic-Robust Problem Solving (BetaCodex07)


Presenting the BetaCodex (BetaCodex06)


The Case for Transformation (BetaCodex05)


Transformation as Social Movement (BetaCodex04)


Introducing the BetaCodex Network (BetaCodex 03)


The Double Helix Transformation Framework (BetaCodex02)


Techniques for Transformation (BetaCodex 01)


Why Management is Dispensable (Amsterdam/NL)


Why management is quackery (Villingen-Schwenningen/D)


Bye-bye Management! (Hannover/D)


Seminar: Beyond Budgeting (Kuala Lumpur/MA)


Niels, the advisor

Since 2006, Niels has been strongly involved in transformational change initiatives both as a short-term and long-term advisor, in organizations in Europe and the Americas. He partners with a personal network of trusted colleagues, internationally, to deliver highly impactful, "light-touch" transformation advisory, and all the conceptual and methodological support for your organization to achieve sustainable superior competitiveness.


You may be part of a young, fast-growing organization of only 30 people. A maturing 300-person mid-sized firm. Or a 300.000-employee congloerate: The transformational approach Niels has been pioneering for more than a decade is scalable and adaptive to all kinds of industries, organizational sizes, cultures and corporate histories.

From intimate leadership workshops to large-scale change initiatives, or internal conferences with hundreds of participants, Niels knows the right change methodologies and fitting advisory approaches, alone, or in concert with a powerful network of trusted and experienced associates.