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Showcase: special books, essays, case studies

OrgFuerKomplexitaet Deluxe klein

Organisation für Komplexität (Deluxe Edition)

2013. In German. Hardcover. Last copies of the 1st edition "Deluxe Edition" with "bonus track" chapter. “How to get life back into work to build the high-performance organization."

Kursbuch 171

Kursbuch 171 “Besser optimieren”

2012. In German. Paperback/Kindle eBook. With an essay by Niels Pflaeging on “A short history of management as charlatanry“


Kaputtoptimieren und Totverbessern (Kindle eSingle)

2012. In German. Kindle eSingle. A short history of management as charlatanry. Essay from "Kursbuch 171" (Murmann).

Handelsblatt Edition

Handelsblatt - Zukunftsstrategien für Unternehmer (Series Edition)

2011. In German.  5 special edition paperbacks in slipcase. With a book by Niels Pflaeging: “The 12 New Laws of Leadership. The Codex: Why Management is Dispensable” - “Best HR Book of the Year”

Die 100 Besten cover

Die 100 Besten Wirtschaftsbücher aller Zeiten

2011. In German. Hardcover. “The 100 Best Business Books of all Time. Everything you need to know, everything you have to read”. With a review of “Beyond Budgeting, Better Budgeting” by Niels Pflaeging

Warum? 22 Fragen cover

WARUM: 22 Fragen an Top-Referenten

2010. In German. Hardcover. "WHY? 22 questions to top speakers" - with an essay by Niels Pflaeging: “WHY should we say good-bye to management?”

Fallstudien cover

Fallstudien zur Unternehmensführung

2012. In German. Soft cover. "Case Studies on Organizational Leadership" - with a case by Niels Pflaeging & Jan Selders: “Beyond Budgeting: Decentralized Leadership & Value Creation Accounting at dm-drogerie markt”



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You are writing your diploma, master or doctoral theses, a study or paper? Niels will be happy to support you in your academic work.

Downloads from this website are the first step: There is a great deal of material available on this site, and on the BetaCodex Network´s portal.  Additionally, we might be able to help you with hints, an interview (depending on interest and availability), further articles, or conceptual help.

Before you get in touch, however, please consider two things: Firstly: Be prepared. Check out and read the information on this website and the available free stuff first (e.g. the BetaCodex Network white papers, Niels´ books or articles on the subject): Maybe your question is already answered here! Secondly: Be specific. Please take care to address Niels with specific questions, not general ones (such as: “please name advantages and disadvantages of the BetaCodex”).

You best address your inquiries to Niels by sending an email, through writing to him on one of the social networks he is active on.